Course Listings

Course IDCourse TitleDuration
Google Display Advertising Certification2 Days
Workshop: CRM 101 - What is CRM and how to growth hack it?2 Hrs
Workshop: CRM 102 - CRM in practice2 Hrs
Workshop: CRM 103 - Introduction to CRM analytics2 Hrs
Workshop: CRM 104 - CRM Capability Blueprinting2 Hrs
Course: Accelerated Tableau Classroom Training1.5 Days
Course: Accelerated Tableau Classroom Training - Advanced1.5 Days
Course: Accelerated Mobile Advertising Course: The Basics and How to Start Successfully2 Days
Course: Storytelling for Low Capacity Businesses2 Days
Course: Storytelling for High Capacity Businesses2 Days
Course: WordPress SEO Foundation Course2 Days
Course: B2C Services SME Go-To-Market Strategy Course - 5 days (Once a month)5 Days
Workshop: Maximize Lead Generation From Social Media & Website3 Hrs
SEO Marketing with Measurement Masterclass2 Days
Google Analytics Certification Workshop2 Days
Google Ads Fundamentals Certification Workshop2 Days
Data Studio Masterclass1 Day
WordPress SEO Masterclass1 Day
Shopify SEO Masterclass1 Day
Google Shopping Masterclass2 Days
Google Search Advertising Certification Workshop2 Days
Google Mobile Advertising Certification Workshop 2 Days
Google Display Advertising Certification Workshop 2 Days
Chatbot Marketing Fundamentals1 Day
3 Days Digital Marketing Professional Masterclass3 Days
Messenger Marketing and Chatbots Workshop1 Day
Social Media AI Workshop1 Day
Facebook Marketing for Business1 Day
Instagram Marketing for Business1 Day
Podcasting Fundamentals for Business1 Day

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